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Tracy Goncalves - Head of Payments, Compliance & HR

Tracy Goncalves Head of Payments, Compliance & HR

Having achieved a successful and proud 21 years at Barclaycard, both in Issuing and Acquiring, Tracy joined Reward as an industry expert for leading edge technology development within the EPOS/EFTPOS, transactional and data delivery arena. Tracy has extensive knowledge and skills in point of sale automation, project planning & control, business case construction, industry standards (including representing the UK during SEPA’s development) and has a proven record of implementing ground breaking and value generating new services and products.

Since joining Reward, Tracy has been instrumental in Reward’s organisational development and more importantly gaining and maintaining its PCI DSS (level one) status since 2007. With a rapidly growing workforce, Tracy has also taken on the development of Talent Management to ensure that Reward continues to be the employer of choice whilst maintaining a world class skilled and knowledgeable organisation.

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